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On this website we will try to explain what a trip is. Here the word trip refers to the psychedelics experience which, depending on the substance, lasts between four and eight hours. During the journey the body is hardly involved. It may be lying or sitting down somewhere while your consciousness travels through extremely colorful and dynamic worlds.

Though the journeys to these worlds are temporary, they can, just like our dreams, have a refreshing and therapeutic effect. A good trip is healthy and expands awareness. But undergoing such a psychedelic experience requires some know-how and a good preparation. Whoever has read the pages on this website will have an idea about what to do, and what not to do during a trip. We hope you’ll have fun exploring our site and have a pleasant journey!


Shrooms banned in the Netherlands

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ShroomzzzFor over 15 years psychedelic mushrooms have been sold in Dutch smart shops. Supposedly due to an incident with a suicidal, underage French tourist the mushrooms have now been made illegal. This video (with English, French or German subtitles) was recorded in the week before the ban, which went into effect on December 1, 2008.

On YouTube: Shrooms banned in the Netherlands

On GoogleVideo: Shrooms banned in the Netherlands